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Collection: Wooden & Bamboo Boards

Prepare for first Use                       

Wash under running water, clean with neutral detergent with a soft cloth or sponge. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Instructions to user           

  1. The color and grain appear in natural wood and bamboo vary diversely from piece to piece. This is natural and does not affect performance.
  2. Wood and bamboo have similar material characteristics and they basically require the same attentions to product caring, cleaning & maintenance.
  3. Scratches may be formed during the cutting process. Stain, odor and germs might stay on the scratches. Washing immediately after each use together applying anti-bacterial surface cleanser will be of great help to hygiene.
  4. It is advisable to replace old boards after a reasonable lifespan to avoid chances for germs embedding in the scratches.

Clean & Maintenance

  1. After each use, apply anti-bacterial surface cleanser, wipe once and wash thoroughly with neutral detergent under running water. Rinse again and dry thoroughly.
  2. Do not use metal or abrasive cleaning gadgets, or apply acidic or corrosive cleaning liquid. Permanent damage can be formed.
  3. Soaking into water must be avoided because it might lead to cracking of board.
  4. Dry manually with a clean & soft cloth immediately after washing, then allow drying thoroughly at a standing post, in a cool place avoiding direct sunshine.
  5. Direct sunshine or heat from stove can lead to cracking of board. Please avoid.
  6. When not in use, store in a cool & dry place to avoid moss.


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